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Thanks for visiting my domain portfolio. I buy a variety of new and expired domain names in various categories for my clients, for my own web sites and to resell. My more popular topics include internet, health, real estate, financial and alternative fuel domain names.

To contact me about a specific domain you would like to buy, please click the envelope icon next to the domain details. This will allow you to send me an inquiry email about that domain.

Current Domain Names Available For Sale

Domain Name Category Registrar Expiration Price Status Contact
PlanktonBiodiesel.com Cars and Alternative Fuels GoDaddy 07/21/2018 $ 1200.00 For Sale Inquire about PlanktonBiodiesel.com
Ovulates.com Family and Home GoDaddy 04/22/2018 $ 1250.00 For Sale Inquire about Ovulates.com
DogWalkerManhattan.com Pets GoDaddy 01/21/2019 $ 997.00 For Sale Inquire about DogWalkerManhattan.com
eNursingBras.com Family and Home GoDaddy 12/07/2018 $ 1249.00 For Sale Inquire about eNursingBras.com
RecoverPets.com Pets GoDaddy 03/22/2019 $ 849.00 For Sale Inquire about RecoverPets.com
An ideal domain name to promote infrared healing tools such as infrared saunas, heating pads and other heat therapy products.

This site currently contains articles which you can keep when you purchase the domain name and make a one-time purchase of the WhyPark.com service. (See link at the bottom of the InfraredHeals.com web site.)

Or if you sell infrared healing tools,  why not setup a mini site to sell your products. InfraredHeals.com Health GoDaddy 03/28/2018 $ 1200.00 For Sale Inquire about InfraredHeals.com
ShiatsuRecliners.com Health GoDaddy 01/24/2019 $ 1349.00 For Sale Inquire about ShiatsuRecliners.com
AluminumStaging.com Rental GoDaddy 11/18/2018 $ 1500.00 For Sale Inquire about AluminumStaging.com
BabyWeightScale.com Family and Home GoDaddy 10/12/2018 $ 649.00 For Sale Inquire about BabyWeightScale.com
CanineTracker.com Pets GoDaddy 04/03/2018 $ 849.00 For Sale Inquire about CanineTracker.com
FiremanSuit.com Business GoDaddy 05/06/2018 $ 1895.00 For Sale Inquire about FiremanSuit.com
GreyHairDye.com Health GoDaddy 04/12/2018 $ 875.00 For Sale Inquire about GreyHairDye.com
HepaFurnaceFilters.com Health GoDaddy 05/15/2018 $ 1249.00 For Sale Inquire about HepaFurnaceFilters.com
InversionBoard.com Health GoDaddy 06/07/2018 $ 999.00 For Sale Inquire about InversionBoard.com
LambswoolBlankets.com Health GoDaddy 10/10/2018 $ 975.00 For Sale Inquire about LambswoolBlankets.com
LehuaHoney.com Health GoDaddy 12/30/2018 $ 1249.00 For Sale Inquire about LehuaHoney.com
MensShavingCream.com Health GoDaddy 05/13/2018 $ 579.00 For Sale Inquire about MensShavingCream.com
QuickOats.com Health GoDaddy 07/10/2018 $ 1249.00 For Sale Inquire about QuickOats.com
TeakwoodChair.com Family and Home GoDaddy 02/01/2019 $ 999.00 For Sale Inquire about TeakwoodChair.com
TwoDrawerDishwasher.com Family and Home GoDaddy 10/22/2018 $ 975.00 For Sale Inquire about TwoDrawerDishwasher.com
eBreastPumps.com Family and Home GoDaddy 12/18/2018 $ 1249.00 For Sale Inquire about eBreastPumps.com

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